What to expect in the coming months…

The New Menu
This has been in the works since November 2009. But we want to make sure we do a good job that’s why it’s taking much longer than expected. Please leave us your email address if you would like to be on our mailing list.

Some Touching Up
It’s time for us to get some repainting done. The ceiling is starting to grey and floor needs some polishing. We think the best time to get this done is in February. So be forewarned of closure.

Expanded Wine List
We are extremely happy with our current selection, but we wish to offer more choices for our customers. We are currently working with a couple of wine Connoisseurs and Suppliers to inject some life into our wine list.  So stay tuned.


6 responses to “What to expect in the coming months…

  1. I want to be on your mailing list! =)

  2. Yes i would love to be on your mailing list! 🙂

  3. I would like to join the mailing list. Thank you!

  4. please kindly add me on your mailing list (:

  5. Hi, me and my wife went to your restaurant on 12 Feb 10, and we totally loved the experience!
    Please keep me in your mailing list, looking forward to bring the rest of the family there! Kudos!

  6. keep me in the loop, thanks! (: great work so far (:

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