Yes I’m back!

2010 New Year’s Resolution

To keep this blog updated. Regularly.


Ok I must admit, I have been a total slacker with the updates. No excuse. From this moment I will keep everyone updated on the progress of this little cafe, which I now call my second home.

Just a quick recap of how Riders Cafe passed the 2 and a half year mark.

In the beginning, it was extremely stressful. But what business isn’t? Our mantra, stay calm and make lemonade from lemons! The stories that comes out of our little cafe can fill volumes. Our friends can vouch for that.

From training foreign employees (who doesn’t understand the difference between ketchup and chili sauce) to handling egos (the size of elephants) in the kitchen, to runaway kitchen help (the escape artists) we have experienced quite a lot.

To people from the “other side”, no not ghosts, but what I was in before I started Riders Cafe, the F & B industry in Singapore is indeed a rough business. I was forewarned by my Dad, who laughed at me when I told him I hired a cook and we have already signed a contract of employment. He said, “The people in F & B do not believe in contracts. Good luck if he shows up for work.” Well, true enough, he did not turn up. He turned off his phone and was unreachable for days. Later I got an SMS from him  -“Sorry too far, cannot work”

Surprises never cease. If you like excitement in your life, start a restaurant. You’d be putting out fires all day long.


One response to “Yes I’m back!

  1. Allow me to share my side of F&B experience. My dad used to start a chinese seafood stall in a coffeeshop. And of course, we started green in hiring (but my dad was working in this industry for 20+yrs).

    The hired assistant chef came & wasted our water resources by saying ‘we need running water to clean the food’. He went disappearing after 2 days & we never called him.

    It’s always the human factor that’s hard to collaborate. After closing & opening (and vice verse) the stall, my dad definitely learn some valuable experiences which as employees never knows.

    He rents a canteen stall with my mom. Less people, less surprises, less income, same politics but stable time-table. 🙂

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