The importance of being fussy

Why bother buying a costly espresso machine, only to feed it inferior beans?

We make sure Riders Cafe uses only quality products for our dishes and beverage. We buy our ingredients from reputable suppliers like Vic’s Meats and Culina, tea from our local company Gryphon & coffee from Grinders in Melbourne. But that’s not enough, we believe what makes a great dish is not only a combination of fresh ingredients and a kick ass recipe, it is also with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of passion.

I am pretty fussy about where I buy my ingredients. I scoured every inch of Singapore to find trusty suppliers to work with, from salt to seafood. And it paid off with the much appreciated responses we get from our customers.

Even with a small kitchen like ours (tiny, actually), we churn out our own desserts (even our Death By Chocolate cake), some breads and scones. People often ask me why a small cafe like ours would want to make our own stuff. The answer is simple: To be able to control what we serve and to modify it any way we want. Our kitchen doubles up as a lab in the afternoon on weekdays. Dean, a chef previously from L’Organic, uses this time to create new dessert recipes.

Our oven is kinda like R2D2, it looks like a heap of junk, but it works wonders. It was the only thing in the kitchen when we moved in because it was too big to be removed and was abandoned by the previous owner. LOL


6 responses to “The importance of being fussy

  1. Hi,

    I am wondering if I can bring my dog to your cafe?

  2. Yes, please continue to be nice and fussy in serving your dishes.
    I have dined and dined in your restaurant for that very reason, always reserving the creme brulee before I reserve my table hee.

    having just returned from a west-europe trip, i have to say most of the restaurants there create their own stuff and every restaurant has its unique taste which I appreciate. and good to know you are also doing this in sunny Singapore. (i.e not a microwave-chef “preparing” Campbell’s soup or dessert from a central kitchen in Woodlands or Paya Lebar)

    Sometimes i am sick of mass-market chain restaurants who serve the same dishes at all their locations. (why can’t they have an Orchard Road special dish or Marina special dish?) And because of this, I drive to your restaurant whenever I want to feel special.

    Before i go, please note the correct spelling is “restaurateur” without the “n”

    • Thank you very much. I am happy we make you feel special here. We will updating our menu very soon with more “fussy” dishes so look out for that.

  3. Any chance you guys are able to whip up a tall stack of pancakes (6-7 pieces) with delicious maple syrup for breakfast? Been looking to satisfy myself with such.

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